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Residing in San Francisco, Naomi Suen is the first in her family to become a designer. She earned a BFA in Interior Architecture & Design, & dedicated herself tirelessly in the practice for the last decade.

Interiors are a human-centered design field, specifically in the physical realm, & Naomi has since learned to create solutions within the digital world. Her ultimate goal is to bridge the two fields harmoniously & captivate users with thoughtful & engaging experiences.

She strives to solve human interaction & experience problems through critical thinking, practicing the formative design process, managing & overseeing the project from concept to completion; ultimately culminating in highly functional results.

When not immersed in Figma wireframes, Naomi likes to spend time with her partner & her pets, shop black avant-garde clothing, engage in the life practice of Hygge, & fall asleep over a seemingly interesting book.
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