About Identity GuardIdentity Guard was one of the first in the industry to offer protection for digital & financial accounts such as emails, banking, property. Their service monitors security breaches & alerts the user to resolve fraudulent activities.

The ChallengeWhile Identity Guard provides top-of-the-line monitoring to fraudulent activity with online accounts, the service misses the mark with prevention.

How might we establish healthy & sustainable habits against identity fraud?

ToolsFigma, Google Suite, Trello, Miro, iPad & Paper, Slack
Figma, Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, Trello, Miro and Slack icons in black.
My RoleUX & UI Design Lead
Interaction & Visual Design, Heuristics Evaluation, Information Architecture, Content Strategy, Research, Prototyping & Testing

TeamNaomi Suen
• UX & UI Designer
• Content Strategist

Louisa Alter
• Project Manager
• Content Writer & Strategist

Kenneth Ho
• User Research Lead
• Animator
TimelineAugust 10th - August 21st, 2020
Getting Up Close & Personal With Your Online SafetyThe goal was to provide a concierge service to the onboarding & maintenance features so that Identity Guard can encourage users to be proactive with their digital & financial account safety.
Animation of Identity Guard app dashboard walkthrough.
Risk Management Is The Best ManagementMeters on the Dashboard show the security well-being for each general category of online accounts. Alert notifications indicate when a category has maintenance or urgent alert to resolve.
A Proactive Approach Rather Than a Reactive ApproachIdentity Guard track linked accounts & remind users with routine updates through Maintenance Alerts to keep hackers at bay. The ability to update account passwords & add to keychain within the app streamlines the process.
Animation of Identity Guard app password update and alert resolution walkthrough.
What Active Online Consumers Had To Say About Their Security UpkeepLet's take a look at the current mobile app features & initial user responses. What were some notable confusion or pain points the users pointed out? The team then looked into resolving these areas of confusion.
Quotes from user insights demonstrating frustrations of current habits without cyber security monitoring app.
Supporting The Reactive UsersUpon synthesizing the qualitative & quantitative data from the user interviews, a persona was created to align with the user's needs, goals, & frustrations in order to understand how to enhance the features of Identity Guard app.
Poster featuring profiles and behaviors of a user persona.
What's Not Working With the Current AppLet's take a look at the current mobile app features & initial user responses. What were some notable confusion or pain points the users pointed out? The team then looked into resolving these areas of confusion.
Multiple screens of existing Identity Guard app and annotations of user confusion or pain points.
When The Competition Felt Redundant, We Devised The Tools To Promote User EngagementWhat were competitors & comparators of Identity Guard doing successfully to engage their users? The Lemonade app for insurance kickstarted the idea of a chatbot, & apps like Truebill made serious tasks like bill management feel more user-friendly.
Competitive and comparative analysis chart against features from multiple cyber security, insurance, and tracking apps.
Raising The Bar With SolutionsIdentity Guard's back-end monitoring technology with the combined efforts of IBM Watson is state of the art. To encourage consumers to utilize those services, a user-friendly approach needed to be considered to encourage proactive behaviors for online safety upkeep.
01Introduce a concierge onboarding service to link accounts internally & enable monitoring
02Transform the ability to resolve risks within the app without hopping around different apps
03Recategorize alert cards with Urgent Alerts vs. Maintenance Alerts
User Flow
Clearing The Path To Online SafetyExamining the user flow of the current app, one of the biggest pain points during the journey to complete the task of changing an email password was having to leave the Identity Guard app to complete the task externally, then go back into the app & mark the critical risk as done.

If Identity Guard wants the user's fullest potential engagement within the app, a solution would be to internalize completing the task.
Current User Flow
Current user flow of Identity Guard identifying pain points within navigation and features within app.
New User Flow
New user flow of Identity Guard identifying opportunity areas within navigation and features within app.
A Reactive User's JourneyWe illustrated a journey map for our user, Jake so that we can understand where his emotions lie through each process within the app.

We anticipated our reactive user, Jake to experience high points during the onboarding process as he is guided step by step, & again during the alert resolution phase. His lower points might happen in the sign up process & upon seeing alerts for the first time.
Journey map illustrating thoughts and feelings of user navigating through the Identity Guard app.
The Humble Beginnings Of LarkRapid fire sketches to visualize & converge as a team what these solutions may look like.

Each team member would ideate on a solution set & they would then be responsible for carrying it through to the hi-fidelity prototype.
A variety of low fidelity wireframes sketches of Identity Guard screens.
Measuring The Level Of ImprovementsOverwhelmed with the amount of user responses, we took to affinity mapping to identify the trending confusion & pain points.

We were then able to prioritize features or functions of the app to improve & brainstormed the components with larger underlying issues. Some changes included removing items such as the videos under the alert cards & Teach Me in the Help section.
Sticky notes of user insights and comments sorted through affinity mapping from usability testing focusing on Onboarding, Dashboard & Alerts, and Help Me features.
Jake just signed up for an account & paid monthly subscription through Identity Guard. He's hoping this app will help guide him with the security upkeep as he's not the type to research & figure it out on his own.

Onboard through the Identity Guard app & resolve a Maintenance Alert.

Don't see the prototype?
Open Here
01Introduced a new onboarding experience

02Created a brand personality named Lark, who was well received

03Redesigned the method of resolving active alerts to maintain a secure standing

04Created the ability to resolve risks instantly within app
ReflectionsThe team & I had some ambitious goals for the Identity Guard mobile app enhancement following the constraint of a 10 day sprint.

Neither of us had the expansive knowledge or experience in cybersecurity management before this project. So, we immersed ourselves through research, made comparisons with the leading competitive services, sought answers to why holes exist where users have the potential to be motivated for upkeep, & what models we can take to encourage them.
What's NextWe've barely scratched the surface with this design sprint. This app has so much more potential for approachability.

The Risk Monitoring Dashboard had gone through several visual iterations but still feels off brand. Through A/B tests, the one seen in the prototype was voted most popular on the comprehension level. What other methods can we take to show the users their state of their online hygiene?

The users we tested felt nurtured by Lark, so how can we expand its capabilities? What would be the constraints to Lark when in development with engineers?
01Synthesis on priority focus from high fidelity prototype usability tests

02Revisit the dashboard visuals, & brainstorm more ways to reinforce the confidence of security & trust with users

03Further develop the resource features within the app

04Visit solution with developers & discuss feasibility of the Lark chat box features
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